Horizontal Split Shaft PTO Technical Data

♦Max. Torque 21700 LBS-FT

♦Max Side PTO Output Power 217,5 HP

♦Max Service Pump Output Power 102 HP

♦Avaliable Internal Ratios 1/1.1 & 1/1.25 & 1/1.7

♦Required Oil 406 oz

Horizontal Split Shaft PTO Properties

♦Comes with Side Brackets & Shock Absorbers

♦6 PTO Outputs

♦Control Type: Pneumatic

♦Mounting Type: Split Shaft

♦Sense of Rotation: Opposite as Input

♦Weight: 420 lb

♦1 Year Warranty (+1 Year Extended with Security Control Panel)

♦10 Years Spare Part Back Up

♦Applications : Sewer Cleaning Combination Vehicle, Water Jetting Truck, Vacuum Excavator, Concrete Pumping Vehicles

Horizontal Split Shaft PTO Options

♦RPM Counter

♦Engage/Disengage Sensor

♦Cooling System

♦Second PTO Output