KUP.DT.3.12 S Catalog

Detroit Power Take Off Technical Data

♦Max. Torque 231 LBS-FT

♦Max. Power 44 HP

♦Avaliable Internal Ratios 1/1.2

♦Max. Speed 2000 RPM

Detroit Power Take Off Properties

♦Comes with Mounting Kit

♦Mounting Type: Rear

♦Control Type: Pneumatic

♦Weight: 36 lb

♦Sense of Rotation: Engine Shaft

♦1 Year Warranty

♦10 Years Spare Parts Warranty

Applications : Garbage Truck, Crane Truck, Dump Truck, Tow Truck

Options for Output

♦SAE-B 7/8” 13T, 2 or 4 hole housing

♦SAE-BB 1” 15T, 2 or 4 hole housing

♦DIN 5462 / ISO 14 A 32x36x8