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  • Transmission Power Take Off Truck transmissions have one or more locations which allow for a PTO to be mounted. The PTO must be purchased separately and care is required to match the physical interface of the transmission with a compatible PTO. PTO is used in cases where superstructures need to be run. PTO is mounted on the main transmission of a truck. […]

  • Water Pump is an equipment for Fire Trucks, Water Tank Trucks or any other Commercial Trucks. Water Pump is mostly used on Fire Trucks to extinguish fire by using water from water tank of the truck or from other resources such as lakes, rivers or water hydrant. Water Pump receives required power and rotation from engine […]

  • Power Take-Off – PTO Power Take-Off (PTO) is a mechanical device which is designed for transmitting power from transmission to hydraulic pump or compressor. Parameters characterizing PTOs: torque, ratio, rotation, mounting side and output type from PTO to pump. PTO Selection Gearbox Type When selecting the right PTO to use, it is essential to define […]